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Retreat 2023 - 25th Anniversary Soul Sisters Retreat! (August 18 - 20)

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Our Annual Retreat is Aug 18th - 20th! This year we are so excited to celebrate our 25th Annual Soul Sisters Retreat. Although things are always changing, and new Soul Sisters are stepping up to help carry the torch, the most essential parts of what make us who we are remain unchanged. And while sometimes the unknown can hold challenges, we remember that through it all, we Soul Sisters ARE The Silver Lining of any cloudy days.

This year we look forward to being with you so we can enjoy:
Soul Enlightening Play-shops
Sunrise and Moonlight Meditations
Awe Inspiring Ritual and Celebration
Music, Magic, and Movement
Creativity, Spontaneity, Prayer, and Play
Awe-inspiring and Empowering Sessions to Show You Are:
The Silver Lining
And then have a chance to
“TELL MAMA” All About It!

Standard Registration
Overnight*: $490 Standard Price
Commuter: $440 Standard Price
Paid in Full by midnight July 9th

Refunds: All requests for refunds must be submitted on or before Saturday July 9th, 2023, in writing to [email protected]. There is a non-refundable administration fee of $125 for all refunds. No Refunds after Saturday July 14, 2023.

About Us

In 1998 two friends and sisters at heart, Rickie Byars and Greta Sesheta, imagined a gathering where women from all different backgrounds could be together experiencing their most divine selves. They envisioned a beautiful natural setting, listening to magnificent music inspired by the goodness of God, meditating at the beach as the sun rose, and dancing in the joy at night under stars. They saw learning through prayerful and playful means about all kinds of things that nourish the soul, eating food that was healthy and lovingly prepared for all, moving and exercising, creating art. 

Women give so much; to our families, our communities, our friends, and they believed this could be a special place where women had time to give to themselves. To experience healing of many types, especially the healing that comes from sitting and talking (or just being in silence) with other women, and being counseled by wise ones who have lived so much already. Where the most precious friendships could form and we could remember that in our souls, we are truly sisters.

That year, and every year since then, this special retreat has brought women together for all of this and more. Thousands over the years have come to be with one another and love together. Love themselves, love those who came before them, and love their soul sisters.

Why Join Us

When we were asked to stay home in 2020, Soul Sisters found a way to be together. We invite you to come be yourself with us; whether you can join us in person at a retreat or seasonal event, here on our special online platform, or both. There are so many ways to be together, supported, and fed in mind, spirit and soul. The Soul Sister embrace is here for you.


Think of Soul Sisters Today as an extension of the love, inspiration and energy shared and experienced in our Soul Sister Retreat. A virtual place you can go all year long to connect, support and be supported by your Soul Sisters. Just like our retreat, this can be your safe space to commune with and care for one another. 

To ensure success, these are our recommended guidelines:

Be supportive. Encourage and support your sisters. No one here is looking for your criticism, cynicism, advice, or judgement. (We can get those things on the rest of the Internet).

Be generous. Your stories and experiences may be exactly what another sister needs to hear today to solve a problem or seize an opportunity.

Be constructive. We’re here to gently nudge each other forward and lift each other up. Discover and share ways to help each other to think more positively, choose higher, stay curious and reframe challenges.

Be Respectful. Honor everyone’s privacy.  Being part of this virtual sisterhood requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive, heart-felt discussions make our community great, but may also be sensitive and private- just meant to be shared here in the heart of our sisterhood. What's shared here should stay here.

Don’t spam, promote, or troll. This community exists to help you grow and stay inspired, encouraged and empowered. It is not a place to spam, promote your services, bully, intimidate or pressure anyone.

We believe there are easy but important agreements. If you think you’ll be unable to abide by these guidelines, let us know and we’re happy to release you from participating. If we feel that your posts are clearly not within these guidelines we will suspend your membership.